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Greek Ministry of Culture, Press Release 14-09-2014

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14 September, 2014

On Friday 12/09/2014 got access members of the multidisciplinary team, the third chamber of the monument, the existing hole in the wall of the third aperture, to document archaeological existing image and to establish the structural condition of the chamber to design measures necessary supports and shoring. (Photo 1 project).

From in situ observation revealed the following data: The amount of sandy soil is lower than the previous two. On the sandy soils found natural sediments with fossils of shells, from the natural terrain of the hill castes. According to geological observations it appears that the embankment remains undisturbed.

Internally, the dome is made of limestone, just like the previous chambers. (Photo 2,3)

The three vertical walls and east, and the north-western part of the visible, repeat the same pattern marble coating, as in the previous two chambers, with pillars, crowned and Ionic architrave. (Photo 4.5)

In the south wall -in visible part of at the right and left door frames, marble coating continues. The overlying limestone covered with a coat of red paint. (Photo 6). Forfeit the inner portion of the lintel. (Photo 7).

The dome chamber showing in a state of equilibrium limit, (photo 8) with voussoirs in crest exhibit opening joints, in sufficient depth from the inner surface. In almost all observed cracks tholiton plus extensive areas on either side of the crest, found significant mass loss of the material. (Photo 9)

The marble pillars around, the visible portion of the vertical wall pieces have systematically detachments which were detected on the surface of backfill, photographed, numbered and were collected. (Photo 10). The detachments appear to be the result of intense stress, possibly from the tall embankments on the dome. In particular, the southern part of the chamber is charged by land 2m height. approximately, while the northern part of the land have a total value of 12-13m.

The above technical data do not allow the safe performance of work removing soil from the third chamber, before taking the necessary protective measures. In particular, for shoring prop-chamber, I used a stronger provision than the previous two chambers. It includes a system of horizontal framed beams, the length and breadth of the chamber for retaining the vertical walls of the geostationary impulses. To support the dome will be used tubular steel beams. The removal of soil will be made in installments, in areas of backfill to allow safe adjustment of the retaining plate.

The measures and retaining shoring due to the inaccessibility of the area and require particular attention because of unfavorable structural condition, would require several days' work.

Finally, work continues geometric documentation of the monument and its surrounding area, while the Municipality Amfipoleos mounted floodlights and security system.

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