Friday, September 12, 2014

Greek Ministry of Culture, Press Release 12-09-2014

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12 September, 2014

Ongoing excavations in the tomb caste Amphipolis from KH Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities.

So far, the removal of the sandy soils in the area behind the septal wall with caryatids, nearly three feet from the floor. After removal of the sandy soil appeared in the upper part of the third diaphragm wall. In this section, revealed the existence of elaborate marble doorframes, Ionic, like other members of the architectural space. The marble part of the lintel, found inherent molding which covers the entrance opening. (Photo 1,2)

Within days we will attempt access to the area, the existing opening in the upper western part of the third diaphragm wall. This will establish the conditions of access members of the interdisciplinary team and technical infrastructure. The aim is to design and adopt the necessary measures to protect workers and the third space. It will perform a thorough documentation of the current situation in the area.

We also continue the surveying in order to obtain the exact geometry of the monument. Based on the final geometry will be drawn the overall study supports and shore up the monument. This ensures the necessary technical data for the preparation of integrated protection studies and future enhancement of the monumental ensemble.

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