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Greek Ministry of Culture, Press Release 21-09-2014

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21 September, 2014

By removing three rows of limestone sealing wall, in front of the second baffle wall, the whole Karyatids disclosed, which have a height 2,27m. Wearing a long chiton and long fringed robe with rich folds. (Photo 1, 2). Flying kothornous, which are decorated with red and yellow color, while the fingertips of their feet have been attributed with great detail. (Photo 3, 4).

They stand on a marble pedestals 1.33 M length. and width 0,68m., which have been disclosed, currently at approximately 0.30 m. (Photo 5). The face of the pedestals are formed with coronations and stanchions. Below that, the type of marble lining the walls of all compartments. The distance between the two piers is 1.68M., And the door opening of the first septal wall with the Sphinxes. (Photo 6 project). On the surface of the base of the eastern Karyatidos, distinct red color. Also, when removing the sandy embankment near the Caryatids found parts of their hands. In third place was held Drilling sample check by manual drilling in the default locations. (Photo 7). So found a marble doorway, opening 0.96 m., In the north wall. (Photo 8).

In the same area were measured as dry air inside and showed that the content of oxygen species and carbon monoxide is normal. Partly it is only the relative humidity (87%), the temperature ranges from 21,5 - 22,70C.

The above conditions of the microclimate of the third space poses no problem for workers inside.

Technical work

  • Access to the third temple site for installation antistirixis- shoring and excavation process continued systematically preparing parallel actions that are underway.
  • decided by an interdisciplinary team to enter the third area, not made the hole in the upper western part of the third diaphragm wall, but for the ancient entrance. (Photo 9). Therefore, before any work will be deducted from the second backfill space will remove the fallen part of the lintel and ypostylothei doorway between the second and third place, with wooden elements. (Photo 10).
  • It strengthened bracing the second place, in a lower level in order to undertake additional external drum triggers, after the removal of the backfill.
  • Prepare work floor, the removal of soil from the second place, that it is possible to enter long mineral supports and shoring of the third space. Also additional blocks will be removed from the sealing wall, in front of the Caryatids, for installation of the conveyor and the soil removal crane transfer blocks from the third space. (Photo 11).
  • Remove soil at 1m., The first space (almost to the floor) and extension of the retaining and shoring, also due to the change of the internal level backfill.
  • Work katavivasmou of backfill, external and just above the monument will take place after the first phase of temporary retaining third-shoring space, before that, to begin the removal of the fill.
  • It is going to study the measures and shoring retaining the third space, to determine the quantities and positions of the elements-shoring shoring and installation phases, depending on the excavation work.
  • To address stormwater runoff from the area of the monument, designed the pipeline installation along the major groove, outside the precinct.
  • Carry out geotechnical survey in the area of the monument for the determination of composition and geotechnical properties of geomaterials occurring. The research will be a sufficient number of boreholes and laboratory tests.

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