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Greek Ministry of Culture, Press Release 24-08-2014

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24 August, 2014

Ongoing excavations in the tomb of Amphipolis Caste, by KH Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, to uncover the burial monument. Removed another ten of the blocks, which were the seventh and eighth series, wall sealing. Remaining three sets to decomposition of all the eleven structures. Thus, it was revealed the continuity of the facade of the entrance of the monument, with decoration similar to that of the side walls. That is, fresco white, extremely careful, that mimics the marble wall. (photo 1).

At the same time, disclosed under the capitals, marble pilasters doorframe, which overlap also of white fresco. (photo 2). A partial removal of earth, behind the sign, revealing the back side of the entrance, very carefully, the corresponding space. The fresco of the architraves are traces of red and black. The side and rear view of the Ionic capitals of the pilasters, overlapping of fresco is painted over with the same colors. (photo 3, 4).

They have begun to detect and the side walls of the vestibule. It is lined with Thassos marble and adorned the upper part with Ionic architrave on wavelet whose traces of black and red. (photo 5).

In addition to the excavation work carried out maintenance operations and mounting of decor, just come to light, by skilled conservators.

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