Thursday, August 21, 2014

Greek Ministry of Culture, Press Release 21-08-2014

translated from the Greek Ministry of Culture

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21 August, 2014

Ongoing excavations at the tomb, the Tomb of the caste KH Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, Amphipolis. Today, removed, with the utmost attention, soils that were in the gap behind the statues of sphinxes at a depth of about two meters, and a width proportional to the input of the tomb, that is 4.50 m.'Etsi Proceeded, for the most part apochomatosi of the intrados of the dome.

At the same time, continued to remove five plinths from the sixth row of the wall sealing, using mechanical means. After their removal, discovered beneath the base of the Sphinxes, the upper portion of the marble doorway.

Covered with fresco mimicked Ionic architrave. Is decorated with red, blue and black. Immediately below the Ionic architrave, revealed two Ionic capitals of the pilasters of the door, also overlapped with and fresco painted in the same colors. Work will continue tomorrow with priority mounting and maintenance of the current findings.

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