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Greek Ministry of Culture, Press Release 25-08-2014

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25 August, 2014

Ongoing excavations by KH Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities in Tomb caste, Amphipolis. Continued removal of the blocks of the wall sealing and revealed almost the entire front of the funerary monument, which is a highly original composition for the same architecture type of the Macedonian tomb of the last quarter of the 4th century BC. (photo 1)

The facade is decorated not differ from the side walls, with fresco imitates the broad marble wall. The maximum spacing between the pilasters is 1,67m. The typology suggests that there were no door panels but this is mere inlet opening. (photo 2)

Also, with the continued removal of soil, inside the vestibule, appeared beneath the marble Ionic architrave, inset marble from uprights, along the entire length of the side walls. (photo 3, 4) Within 6m. opening the inlet revealed uppers marble diaphragm wall, deficient in part of the left part (picture 5). Behind him are two guest rooms.

The diaphragm wall is revealed also a marble architrave and cornice, like the equivalent of the same precinct. Bring oktafyllous decoration with embossed rosettes at the height of the architrave of the side walls (photo 6).

The diaphragm wall will be no second entrance that leads to the interior of the monument. Soils of the space created behind the door, will be removed in the coming days if the permit mounting and maintenance work in places that have been disclosed.

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