Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Greek Ministry of Culture, Press Release 20-08-2014

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20 August, 2014

Continued from KH Prehistoric Ms. Classical Antiquities excavation work in the Tomb caste, Amphipolis.

By removing so far eleven stones of the wall sealing, revealed entirely the Sphinxes Thassos marble. The height of the statue is 1.45 m. Overall height with heads estimated would reach two meters. In the torso, which is crafted with fine ntisilidiko, reflect the plasticity and the detailed work of the last quarter-century sculptures of 4 century BC. During the work found parts of feathers of Sfingon- who inserts the kormous- which allow full recovery.

We also found part of the back of the statue of the Lion of Amphipolis. Both Sphinxes, and Leo seems to come from the same workshop.

With the removal of soil, appeared also small part of the superstructure of the monument, which bears traces of red and blue, two shades respectively.

Work continues at the level of the intrados of the dome, the securing and supporting the stone and removal of soil.

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