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Greek Ministry of Culture, Press Release 26-09-2014

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26 September, 2014

Points of information to reporters from k.Anna Panagiotarea today at the Museum of Amphipolis:

Let's see, in principle, some general issues that have arisen from last Thursday until today, as part of our regular meeting:

  1. The Ministry of Culture and the coefficients of the excavation on the Kasta Hill Amphipolis, watching with great interest the expression of opinions Greeks and foreigners and non-specific about the burial complex.
  2. formulated theories about the identity of the deceased, to date, discounted at 14 I want to be clear that the rates of excavation not make judgments about the identity of the deceased, made tosow reason. Waiting, with scientific patience, speak the same burial complex.
  3. There have also been two main views in regard to the dating of the burial complex. The Digger, whereas archaeological evidence, expresses the view that the monument dates to the last quarter of the 4th century. Besides, he has presented the scientific position, making two announcements, respectively in archaeological conferences.
  4. It is obvious that only a structured publication of the excavation material will lead to a fruitful scientific debate.
  5. We, the press releases referred to the progress of the work on the monument, care being taken to inform the Greeks and foreign stakeholders-not only special but also non eidikon- once the international public opinion shows that unprecedented interest.
  6. The monument itself, beyond any doubt, is extremely important. And we all agree that the information disclosed so far, makes it unique.

Here, I might add, that it is too early to set out that any interpretative theories. Let's permit prior to excavation, which has the scientific responsibility of the excavation and has all the data.

I. Economics

General: The study was commissioned by the Ministry of Culture presented by the Secretary General Culture Mr. Mendoni, at the seminar on the NSRF on 28th August-regard and the economic dimension of culture to local and regional development, has shown that:

A. Cultural sector at EU level contributed 4.5% to the gross domestic product.

B. A euro investment projects Culture, means 3.44 euro on the real economy.

Thus: Investments in culture are the driving force of the economy, creating jobs and encouraging private investment.

In particular:

I see the question is often subject to finance the excavation. To date the money is given as follows:

  1. 2010: 20,000 was provided by the Contract between the Ministry of Culture and the Prefecture of Serres, from the Prefecture of Serres.
  2. 2011: 80,000 was provided by the Contract between the Ministry of Culture and the Region of Central Macedonia, by the Region.
  3. 2012: EUR 50,000 was provided by the Ministry of Culture and 50,000 euros from the Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace.
  4. 2013: EUR 90,000 was provided by the Ministry of Culture.
  5. 2014: EUR 150,000 was provided by the Ministry of Culture.
  6. 2014 has been given as a gift from the National Bank (150,000), while donations of publicly-owned companies, DESFA (35,000) and Greek Petroleum (25.000), not yet activated.

II. Energy techniques

(Thursday-Friday 9.18.14 9.26.14).


Please note once again: The removal of soil is properly excavated so that the stratigraphic data be exploited fully.

In particular:

  1. was completely removed by backfilling the first area. Thus was revealed the whole floor with small pieces of marble. The famous "red". The disclosed floors covered with sheets reinforced polystirene and plywood to protect the passage of the workshops.
  2. Completed final temporary shoring and bracing in the first place, behind the Sphinx.
  3. Proceed to earthmoving work for alleviation of slopes on the west side of the monument.
  4. Tapeinothike the fill level in the second space behind Karyatids to create suitable floor access for the next space.
  5. Completed computing documentation supports and shoring measures, to be used in third place, behind the door. Note that the steps can be modified depending on the circumstances of the excavation.


  1. The opening by removing the soil, the third doorway.
  2. The third prop of diaphragm wall and the introduction of tailstocks data for the first phase of support and retaining the vertical walls.

Statements by Mr. K.Peristeri:

  1. Christmas: "A conversation I said." Mrs. Peristeri states that "finish one month."
  2. Reply to comment that serves interests: "The work we do. Neither economic nor political interests involved. We are fighting for our research. "
  3. comment about "Peristeri vs. Palaggia": "Mrs. Peristeri what was to declare the said. We will deal further. "
  4. On behalf of the Working digger grateful "to keep the archaeological work in the field, far from any parafilologias".

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