Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Greek Ministry of Culture, Press Release 02-09-2014

translated from Greek Ministry of Culture

original source: http://www.yppo.gr/2/g22.jsp?obj_id=58273

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2 September, 2014

Actively pursued by the interdisciplinary team, under the direction of Mrs Peristeri, shielding the funerary monument and surrounding area immediately is a top level priority.

The work includes:
  • Configuration of the embankments of the first chamber for counterweight and stability of the second diaphragm (photo 1.2).
  • Complete the necessary work on supports for temporary stabilization of architrave of the second diaphragm, which appears to be based unsteadily. (photo 3)
  • Complete the necessary actions to retain the wall with the Sphinxes. (photo 4.5)
  • Construction work table with plywood panels, to the first partition, the level of the architrave, for secure access and detailed close observation and inspection of the dome of the first chamber and the safety of workers. (photo 6)
  • Construction of temporary drainage groove on the outer perimeter of the enclosure for easy draining rainwater and install waterproofing membrane behind the area of mortgage protection existing entrance to the tomb. (photo 7.8)

Is underway to design the temporary shoring and shore up the second diaphragm, particularly on the west side, to allow safe access for mud removal work, dome support and the second chamber.

Work is also ongoing cleaning of the enclosure of the tomb, in the southwest. After completion of protective measures will begin excavation work in the monument. (photo 9)

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